Security Services


Security Risk Assessment (SRA) may be the most important step in the security process but always ignored. The world of Information Technology has undergone massive changes and dynamism in the past decade. Yet, so has vulnerabilities, intrusions, cyberwars and security fears. Does this technological evolution destroy us? It`s your choice! We have made our choices clear – that an investment into IT security and progressive security services management is the only way to secure information – information upon which the value of a business is held in ransom Paxocom Systems focuses on specialised Security Services for various key industries such as telecommunication business, government departments, financial services providers and IT management firms thatincludes the followings services:

• Penetration Testing
• Vulnerability Assessments
• System Security Testing & Evaluation
• Corporate Information Security Program & Review

Penetration Testing
Our penetration test is a risk-based evaluation method that focuses on assessing your computers, systems ornetworks vulnerabilities and exploiting them so we can ascertain the impact of possible flaws to your system. Paxocom offers diverse testing frameworks and methodologies which exist to help us to choose the best strategy to conduct a successful penetration test, whether it be internal or external. Our commitment includes:

• A detailed Executive report for your Executive, Management and Technical audiences within 1 week of completing the test.
• Risk analysis report and implementation mechanism, support services and long term relationship offers.
• Feedback sessions with the relevant officials in your business, spanning Operations, IT, Finance and Administration.

Vulnerability AssessmentsPaxocom offers specific and local vulnerability assessments, analysis as well as a risk-based implementation of protective programs designed to prevent, deter, and mitigate the risk of both internal and external environment attacks while enabling timely, efficient response and restoration in an all-hazards post-event situation. We will review configurations, identify access points and rogue devices, in addition to testing for vulnerabilities based on any or acombination of the following assessment programs:

• Buffer Protection Program
• Site Assistance Visits
• Computer-Based Assessment Tool
• Resiliency Assessment Program

Corporate Information Security Program & Review We understand that the biggest challenge in deploying wireless LAN technology is assessing the physical environment and designing a solution that meets coverage and traffic needs. This challenge is compounded for large, multi-site enterprises with geographically dispersed locations. To help simplify this challenge, we offer various levels of wireless analysis, corporate-specific information security programs as well as a post-installation survey meant to strengthen the scope of the control program.

• Security reviews for Windows, Domain Controller, Linux, Unix, SQL
• Oracle databases,
• Firewalls
• Cisco infrastructure
• Personal PC data protection, server data protection and  backup designs

System Security Testing & Evaluation
The six basic security concepts that need to be covered by security testing are: 
• Confidentiality,
• Integrity,
• Authentication,
• Availability,
• Authorization and non-repudiation

Through our consultative approach, Paxocom Systems ensures strict testing in both the live and offline environments are conducted with specific focus on the traffic levels, intrusion detection and prevention, cyber-proofing and security levels which agree with specific architectural documents and local IT policies. You may ask why? The answer is if we fail to meet any one of the 6 concepts outlined above, then we have failed the entire process. So as your systems security partner, we look forward to discussing in detail how our models and your buy-in makes us a winning team!